We All Are Responsible For Dr. Priyanka Reddy Rape Case

 We All Are Responsible For Dr. Priyanka Reddy Rape Case


27th November 2019, A horrible case happened A country like India where women considered no less than a goddess their A 27 years old animal doctor Priyanka Reddy was gang-raped and murdered. For me as the writer of this blog this is a normal case as like Priyanka reddy there are so many girls raped and murdered if somebody just takes a search on google then you will see there are lots of cases happen in India.

according , to google there are lots of unsafe countries in the world but India is on the top of their list. Now back to my topic that how we are responsible for this murder case?

if you again took a look to the adult sites there is a topmost trending the topic on their site is Priyanka reddy, you all can check it now also cause that trading of that topic is increasing day by day.

WE JUDGE PEOPLE  by their outfit, WE JUDGE PEOPLE by their talking style.

If A girl just gives a friend request to a boy then we thought many things about her, we stalk her profile we propose her after some random texts, If she doesn't reply on our text we get offended and spared rumors about her.

We are living in a country where a 5 years old girls were raped and murdered, we are living in a country were a 65 years old lady was raped and murdered and we all still see those all things silently, lots of group of social networking sites your's where raises their voice but all those things will stop one day and someday again a Priyanka was rapped and murdered in front of our eyes.

We can't do anything because we all are the victims. one thing we can do now just wait for the next RAPE.

Now I can proudly say that I FEEL SHAME TO BE AN INDIAN.

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