Indian-origin doctor faces jail for sexually assaulting patients

Indian-origin doctor faces jail for sexually assaulting patients

An Indian-origin doctor, who exploited the women's cancer fears to carry out the invasive intimate examinations, was found guilty of sexually assaulting multiple women by UK court on Tuesday.

Manish Shah, a general practitioner (GP), was convicted of 25 counts of the sexual assault and assault by penetration on six women at Old Bailey court in London. The trial heard how he used the news story during a consultation with one patient about Hollywood star Angelina Jolie having a preventative mastectomy before she asking her would like him to examine her breasts.

"He took that advantage of his position to the persuade women to have invasive vaginal examinations, breast examinations, and rectal examinations when there was absolutely no medical need for them," prosecutor Kate Bex told the jury.

Fear is an incredible motivator, few health concerns are scarier than cancer. Dr. Shah exploited that and used it for his own personal gratification, she said that.

Over 5 years, between May 2009 and June 2013, the 50-year-old GP assaulted six patients of the Mawney Medical Centre in east London, including some young as 11. The jury, which acquitted him of five other charges, was told that he had already been convicted of similar allegations relating to 17 other women, that the total number in 20.

Judge Anne Molyneux adjourned sentencing for the latest offenses that the matter until February 7, 2020.

Shah had denied that any wrongdoing and his barrister, Zoe Johnson, told jurors he was a cautious, insecure, perhaps at times incompetent GP.

But the prosecution's in this  case highlighted Shah's generally sexualized behavior and also tend to flout state-funded National Health Service (NHS) guidelines on examinations. He would reportedly give patients hugs and kisses, singling some out as special and his star, saying he had a soft spot into them.

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