hyderabad shootout genuine or fake victim of priyanka reddy ??

Hyderabad shootout genuine or fake victim of Priyanka reddy ??


Victim of Priyanka reddy rape-murder case will die in an encounter by VC sajjanar he is the encounter specialist of Hyderabad city, the rape case was held in Hyderabad where a 27 years old animal doctor Priyanka reddy was gang-raped and murdered in the same place.


police caught all 4 criminal of that marder case but they all are in the custody and waited for the judgment of the court, but Hyderabad police can't wait for the justice and 6/12/19 they encountered those 4 people in that same place. 
 Now they stated to the media that it was a defense attack and they shoot them because the run away with their gun and they fire them back.
where all of us very happy for this encounter there was some community where some want some real facts about the encounter. 

Also, read We are responsible for Priyanka reddy murder case: https://www.uploadgoogle.com/2019/12/we-all-are-responsible-for-dr-priyanka.html



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