Business Startup With 0 funding to 150 Crore || Momo Store Franchise

 Business Startup With 0 funding to 150 Crore || Momo Store Franchise

Momo is the mouthwatering thing which is very famous in hillside areas as well as cities. everyone wants it. 

this is the startup story of Sagar daryani who started a small store in Kolkata West Bengal, after college, they want to start their own business ut the same problem with every startup they don't have enough money to start their own store.

sugars brother is a services man and his father is also a working person he started a store by taking some money from his father and half money from his best friend.

he started a small store under his house they name is wow momo store,
everything was fine till that moment but at the beginning of that store the person of a locality just came to eat the momos, the want more people to enhance the public and they arrange some more money to start the business outside of their locality

2years' letter they funded 150cr in one year, and they stated that they targeted that they will open 15 to 20 stores every year.
wow momo also starts new kind of momo items on their list like chocolate momo, cheese momo, fish momo chicken sizzler momo and so on.

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