Auto Driver to 400cr Businessman

Auto Driver to 400cr Businessman

Meet Mr, Pyare Khan he was an auto driver in Nagpur, but the luck of business totally change his life and now he became the 400cr turnover company that marked n Nagpur and many other states.

His 1st every journey started in Nagpur city where he drives an autorishka and earns for his family but he wnt to do something more to his passion for the journey in this field.
He decided to take a loan from the bank and he applied for the loan also because he doesn't have much money to start his own business.
One day he gets a call from the bank that he get that approval for that bank loan. His limit of taking money is 11 lakh, he takes the business loan and buys a new truck towards his startup.
His new life was started, he buys a new truck by the profit of his old truck. one by one he became the owner of 125 trucks in 2013.
He stared his own truck export-import business and became the owner of his own import-export business.
in 2013 the total annual turnover of his business was 400cr, and right now he is targetting to be 1000cr annual turnover company owner

Prary Khan said, “Though I had my reservations about granting him the loan in 2004, I had a gut feeling that he was perhaps an honest man. khan proved me right. In 2016, after hearing of his impeccable credentials as a businessman, I accepted his offer to join him.”

he’s moment of glory came in 2018, when khan won the top prize in a contest for young transport entrepreneurs, a programme organised jointly IIM-Ahmedabad and Mahindra Truck & Bus. Unlike 18 other contestants, two of them from the US, who were equipped with laptops and PowerPoint presentations, Khan simply stood up and presented his case, in Hindi.

“When organisers of the contest asked me to take partin this contest, I wasn’t sure I didn’t even know what is IIM. So I went there reluctantly, without knowing what to say,” says Khan. But when he was declared winner and he received the award, tears rolled down his cheeks, Khan says.

For now,he is focussed on expanding his business. Ashmi Road Transport Private Limited will soon shift to a Rs 7-crore corporate office on three acres close to Nagpur city. “I intend to expand my business in a couple of years and generate more jobs, which is what our country needs the most,”.