Two men died accidentally in the Temple

 Two men died accidentally in the Temple

3rd December 2019  West Bangal (Islampur),  Two men died accidentally in the template around 3'o clock afternoon, according to the local citizen the 2 people are the master-craftsman of the temple.

when every one was busy with their work at afternoon they where stays in the temple to complete their work, on that moment the ceiling of the temple was broken and fall into them.

All the people where shocked on that time and come to that place all the shop kipper stunned on that moment and call the ambulance but as per the local people said the 2 person who were work on that moment they where dead on that spot.
doctor of the local hospital confirmed that the 2 person were dead on the spot, dead bodies are in islampur hospital and the family members of those people was informed by the local citizen.

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